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High 10 Kingdom
(My Little Kingdom)

Founded in 1998 at Chai Leng Park, Penang Mainland with the sole intention of providing the best preschool education to the local children.
High 10 Kingdom has now grown to 4 kindergarten centers covering Butterworth and Simpang Ampat.

In recent years, our effort and commitment to provide the best preschool education has been recognised by the Ministry of Education, winning us The Best Kindergarten in the Region for the years of 2018 & 2019.

成立于1998年,位于槟城北海区才能园,其初衷是为当地幼儿们提供最好的学前教育。High 10 Kingdom 现已发展到 4 个幼儿园中心,覆盖Butterworth 和 Simpang Ampat。近年来,我们的努力得到了教育部的认可,在 2018 年和 2019 年荣获本地最佳幼儿园。

What makes us for your child

23 Years
of Proven Track Record

We are very honoured to have served close to 10,000 children over the past 23 years. More importantly, we are proud to learn that the graduates from High 10 Kingdom (My Little Kingdom) do always perform superbly when they take on the next stages of life, such as taking up leadership positions in their respective schools!

我们很荣幸在过去23年中为近 10,000 多名儿童提供服务。最让我们欣慰的是 High 10 Kingdom 的毕业生在进入人生下一个阶段时总是表现出色,不仅仅学术表现优秀,也在各自学校担任领导职务!

Experienced, Professional,
Caring Staff Members

Our teaching staffs are made up of a blend of experienced teachers who have been with us for many years, with a group of young and energetic teachers to create the perfect balance for our children’s learning experience. They are all supported by the professional team of management to deliver consistent yet innovative education for the children.


Most Creative
& Effective Curriculum

At High 10 Kingdom, we provide an all-rounded wholesome development through our uniquely designed curriculum. Our curriculum has always been one of the key favourites for our parents! We are blessed to receive frequent feedback from parents saying how pleased they are, seeing their children have so much fun learning.



The most complete, creative, transformative curriculum to-date. Designed to unlock your child’s potential and jumpstart growth!


Creative teaching methods
to lay a strong academic foundation


Cutting edge creative teaching methods which encourage all-round inspirational thinking. Coupling with the fun learning of new technology, our children get to learn through play and play out new idea, new thinking!


Give your child a head start in English through the Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) programme. Offered by the same team who helped My Little Kingdom to achieve the top performance in Malaysia!


识字王教材通过 【图像记忆学习法】,【游戏学习法】,【螺旋式记忆法】,【韵文学习法】,【引导学习法】


Selain daripada mengukuhkan kemahiran dalam BERTUTUR, MENDENGAR, MENBACA dan MENULIS.

Program BIJAK BAHASA juga menggalakkan budak-budak berfikir secara “kritis dan kreatif” dengan pelbagai aktiviti dan latihan yang “menarik dan efektif”.

Learning math has never been so fun! Children often find it magical and fall in love solving mathematical questions, with Reach First Math.


Through the discovery of 6 Big Questions in real life, our children will equip themselves with the all-important problem-solving skills and many other skills that are applicable in daily lives.

This active learning approach helps cultivate the future heroes of the society, who will be full of creativity and execution ability!


Full Day Care

Enrichment Courses

Events & Activities 活动节目

Family Carnival 2019: Occupy Beach Street

Every year, we organize a wide variety of activities and large-scale events, with the intention of giving our children the most fun-filled childhood memories. 

These activities also provide our children with the opportunities to learn and develop skills & knowledge for the future.

每年为孩子精心策划多元化的节目及大型活动,只为了让孩子有个最美好的童年回忆! 通过这些节目活动,我们的幼儿也能建立新技能,新知识。

planet by High 10:
The Learning Companion for Preschool Children

The year of 2020 has taught us the importance of providing our children with alternative ways of learning for them to continue their learning journey, beyond classrooms.

We put in significant resources to develop a very easy-to-use Home Learning Platform filled with constantly-updated quality learning content for our children, which they can have fun learning anytime at home. We are so pleased to see that our children had been learning tremendously well through this platform.

As we gradually return to the “normal” times, planet does not only gives extra flexibility for parents when deciding if they should send their child to school, it also help our children in the following ways:

  • Promote active learning: encourage our children to take the proactive approach in learning, develop interests and participate in classroom discussions actively with their friends.
  • Develop good learning habits: help our children to build the habit of learning independently and become lifelong learners to succeed in their future!
  • Practice, practice, practice: further strengthen our children’s linguistic & logistics skills and prepare them better academically.


随着我们逐渐回到“正常”时期,planet 不仅给予家长在决定是否应让孩子上学的灵活性,也帮助幼儿们:

  • 促进积极学习:鼓励幼儿采取积极主动的学习方式,对学习产生浓烈的兴趣并积极地与同学一起参与课堂讨论。

  • 培养良好的学习习惯:帮助幼儿养成独立学习的习惯,让他们成为终身学习者,以成为未来的佼佼者!

  • 练习,练习再练习:进一步增强幼儿的语言能力和思考技能,以为他们提供更好的学业准备。

High 10 Kingdom Locations & Contacts

Looking for the best kindergarten for your child? Locate your nearest branch to find out more!

Chai Leng Park Branch

Principal: Ms. Henna Teh
Phone No.: 012-4250118 / 04-3991118

Taman Melur Branch

Principal: Ms. Jeness Ong
Phone No.: 04-3330018 / 012-5610118

Raja Uda Branch

Principal: Ms. Cindy Eng
Phone No.: 04-3232181 / 012-4271118 

Bukit Tambun Branch

Principal: Ms. Joanna Khor
Phone No.:  017-4201118 / 04-5083018

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