High 10 Elite

Our most revolutionary, most exclusive preschool to date.

High 10 Elite seeks to be the kindergarten of choice in the post-pandemic world. Completed with the most advanced facilities and technologies, High 10 Elite taps on the power of technology to deliver the most exciting, effective and holistic early childhood education & development.

Ready for your child to ACCELERATE INTO THE FUTURE?

2020/21: A Turning Point in Human's History

The years of 2020 and 2021 were indeed a turning point for millions and millions of people across the globe…

Those who embrace technology progressed faster than ever before, while those who refuse to change were being left behind, at the brink of being wiped out.

It is time for everyone to CHANGE and EMBRACE technology!

As a preschool operator of over 20 years of experience, we are responsible in ensuring that our children are prepared for what is to come tomorrow!

And we couldn’t be prouder to present you with our brand new kindergarten:

High 10 Elite Kindergarten Preschool Juru Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia

which would be in the best position to help your child get READY for the FUTURE!


Unlimited Imaginations & Curiosity

2021 has also witnessed some of the world’s greatest minds such as Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos braving through all challenges and travel to SPACE!

When we were young, we often look into the dark blue sky and wonder what’s beyond the sky, what’s beyond the stars…

Space has always captivated our imaginations! We are fascinated by it and we are very curious about it!

For the 1st time ever, we are bringing the WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE into our preschool!

Artist Impression: Ground Level

High 10 Elite

A Space-themed Preschool

At High 10, we have always been a strong promoter and believer in ACTIVE LEARNING,
an educational approach that engages the children’s CURIOSITY (just like Space!) to learn actively,
which is way more effective and give our children the ability to apply what they’ve learnt in their daily lives.

With a space-themed interior, High 10 Elite are taking a step further!

At High 10 Elite, our brave little astronauts will constantly be exploring the unknown with a strong CURIOSITY to actively learn from things around them.

A very important skill and mindset to have indeed for a child to succeed in the future world!

The Most Technologically-Advanced Kindergarten

Classrooms of the New Decade

Each of our classrooms is equipped with a 10-Touch Points Smartboard. A powerful smart learning board that allows fun interactive learning within the classroom!

All smartboards are equipped with international fun learning programs and our exclusively designed learning platform, planet by High 10.

Our little astronauts will also have access to electronic tablets in certain class activities for an even more engaging learning experience! 


We care too! With the power of technology, we are able to deliver our curriculum effectively in a short period of time. Therefore, children will be spending more than 80% of their classroom time in OFF-SCREEN activities, such as active discussion and other learning activities.

AR Activity Space

Beyond our classrooms, our little astronauts have different areas of learning and exploration, such as specialized learning stations and our uniquely-designed, AR Activity Space.

Our Augmented Reality (AR) Activity Space incorporates the most exciting and advanced technologies to give our little astronauts an IMMERSIVE learning experience!

A Preschool for Your Child

Spacious Activity Area​

High 10 Elite Best Preschool Kindergarten Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia

With a total of over 8,000 square feet of floor space, our children have a vast area to move around, learn and interact with their peers safely.

HEPA Filter Air Purifier​

High 10 Elite Best Preschool Kindergarten Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia

Each classroom will be equipped with an Air Purifier installed with HEPA filter to help remove viruses, moulds, allergens, odors and static electricity, while promoting air circulation.

Auto Forehead Scan​

High 10 Elite Best Preschool Kindergarten Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia

To better protect our children at High 10 Elite, we are installing an Auto Forehead Temperature Scan, with instant temperature and attendance reporting to the parents via the school app, School2Me.


High 10 Elite Best Preschool Kindergarten Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia

All classrooms will be fully equipped with a network-enabled Full HD Bullet Camera for extra peace of mind.

Nutritional Meals

High 10 Elite Best Preschool Kindergarten Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia

Each child will be served daily a delicious yet nutritionally balanced meal, that is designed by a professional nutritionist to help promote healthy growth and development, in their own dedicated stainless-steel containers.

High 10 Elite

8 Intelligences (8Is)

An all-encompassing educational approach, beyond the traditional way of transferring knowledge.

Linguistic Intelligence

Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. The basis of all human communications!

Utilizing the established curriculum & teaching methods of High 10, which had been refined continuously over the past 20+ years, we are able to build these essential skills in our children seamlessly and allowing them to express themselves confidently!

This is shown through the superb performances of High 10’s graduates in primary schools. Besides, the children’s strong command in the English language has won High 10 the “Top Performance in Cambridge English Assessment” in the ENTIRE MALAYSIA for multiple years!

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence/ Quotient (EQ) has been getting a lot of attention in recent years…

But how do we apply this in our 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years old? What do we do when the little one simply couldn’t stop crying!

At High 10 Elite, we will be placing a huge emphasis on this! Our teachers are trained to guide our children in developing a positive attitude and taking responsibilities of their emotions, through a number of compelling initiatives, such as the Emotion Corner 情绪小屋.

Physical Intelligence

Physical Intelligence is a key component of a complete Early Childhood Development programme.

At High 10 Elite, we provide wide-ranging opportunities for our children to develop their dexterity, minor and major motor skills systematically in accordance to their age! This is done through FUN classroom activities and the exciting facilities we have at High 10 Elite!

To add some excitement and promote healthy, active physical lifestyle, we also organize little physical contests for our children!

Creative Intelligence

CREATIVITY is what makes us humans different and High 10 SPECIAL!

High 10 has always been known for its creative educational approach to help children learn effectively and develop an innovative mindset.

At High 10 Elite, our children will be enjoying the High 10 curriculum which includes Creative Art, and IN ADDITION, Music Enlightenment Programmes such as Rhythm Map (3-4 Years Old) & Ukulele (5-6 Years Old)! How fun is that!

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

The ability to solve problems is not only an integral skill in our daily lives, in fact, but it is also one of the MOST SOUGHT-AFTER SKILL in the workplace and the business world!

At High 10, we start ingraining this important ability in our children at a young age. Through uniquely designed IQ games and mathematical quizzes, our children are trained to think logically when faced with a problem and come up with a solution quickly and effectively!

Social Intelligence

The No. 1 skill that the children are missing for being absent from school!

By staying at home, many children have missed a significant period of time to develop this skill over 2020-2021 as they did not have the opportunity to interact closely with children of their age.

To supercharge our children’s Social Intelligence (SI), our classes and activities are designed in the way to maximise opportunities for our children to work in teams and collaborate with their peers, safely.

Digital Intelligence

The importance of being tech-savvy couldn’t be highlighted MORE over the past 1-2 years!

At High 10 Elite, our children would start getting comfortable with the use of various electronic gadgets & software applications from young and tap on the POWER of TECHNOLOGY!

At the same time, our children will be equipping themselves with screen-time management skill to always maintain a delicate balance between Virtual vs Real-World to avoid overuse, both at school and at home.

Financial Intelligence

“Schools don’t teach us Financial Intelligence!”

We do teach at High 10 Elite!

We are so excited to be introducing an all-new Rewards Redemption System (RRS) which would be a perfect tool to help our children get early exposure to things such as budgeting and making financial decisions: Saving vs Spending.
Would your child be going for instant excitement? Or delayed gratification? We shall know the answer soon…

Rewards Redemption System

To encourage our children taking on more personal responsibilities, we have specially designed a reward system whereby a child is awarded a certain points after completing an objective or behaved particularly well in a certain aspect.

Children can check on their score to monitor his/her own performance which provides a feedback loop for their children to seek ways to accumulate more points.

These points can then be redeemed into some exciting rewards!



planet by High 10:
The Learning Companion for Preschool Children

The pandemic has taught us the importance of providing our children with alternative ways of learning for them to continue their learning journey, beyond classrooms.

We put in significant resources to develop a very easy-to-use Home Learning Platform filled with constantly-updated quality learning content for our children, which they can have fun learning anytime at home. We are so pleased to see that our children had been learning tremendously well through this platform.

As we gradually return to the “normal” times, planet does not only gives extra flexibility for parents when deciding if they should send their child to school, it also help our children in the following ways:

  • Promote active learning: encourage our children to take the proactive approach in learning, develop interests and participate in classroom discussions actively with their friends.
  • Develop good learning habits: help our children to build the habit of learning independently and become lifelong learners to succeed in their future!
  • Practice, practice, practice: further strengthen our children’s linguistic & logistics skills and prepare them better academically.

Events & Activities 活动节目

Family Carnival 2019: Occupy Beach Street

Every year, we organize a wide variety of activities and large-scale events, with the intention of giving our children the most fun-filled childhood memories. 

These activities also provide our children with the opportunities to learn and develop skills & knowledge for the future.

每年为孩子精心策划多元化的节目及大型活动,只为了让孩子有个最美好的童年回忆! 通过这些节目活动,我们的幼儿也能建立新技能,新知识。

High 10 Elite Location: Exo Avenue @ Juru Sentral, Bukit Mertajam

Situated right in the nucleus of the prestigious & happening commercial hub of Juru,
with convenient access to the North-South Highway and the bustling city of Bukit Mertajam.

Featuring a stylish modern facade with ample parking spaces and is located next to
an upcoming luxuriantly landscaped 100-foot-wide boulevard of Holiday Inn.

--  2 mins from Icon City
--  3 mins from Juru Auto City
--  7 mins from St. Anne, Bukit Mertajam
--  10 mins from Penang First Bridge
--  11 mins from AEON Alma, Bukit Mertajam
--  12 mins from Simpang Ampat
--  20 mins from Butterworth, Seberang Perai

Contact Teacher Ameera +6012-474 6979 to learn more about Juru Sentral branch today!

High 10 Elite Alma @ Alma Sanctuari Commercial Centre

Contact Teacher Shanti +6012-567 9288 to learn more about Alma branch today!

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