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Introducing planet by High 10, the No. 1 Home Learning Companion to help your child learn when they are away from school or even to supplement their current preschool curriculum after school!


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Over the past few months, we have helped over 1,000 of our children across our 7 preschool centres to LEARN effectively while having FUN at home through our home learning platform, planet by High 10

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We are High 10

Established in the year of 1998 with a firm belief that preschool learning should be fun and creative to be effective for the children. The continual desire to serve the best preschool education has then led to the expansion of 7 preschool centres, comprising of High 10 Kingdom (formerly known as My Little Kingdom), High 10 Kids and High 10 Premier.

Today, High 10  has the privilege to serve over 1,000 students annually on-site, with over 10,000 children served to-date. With great honour, we have won multiple awards for our dedication towards our children, namely The Best Kindergarten in the Region by the Ministry Of Education, Top Cambridge English Assessment Performance in Malaysia and many more.

Leveraging on our 20+ years of preschool education experience and resources, we crafted a series of home learning programmes that are fun and effective to help our children learn better at home. These programmes are tailored to the specific age of the children to optimally develop their cognitive abilities while equipping them with all the essential knowledge and skills to succeed in life!

Here's what our current parents have to say about our Home Learning Programme!

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We understand that many families have been affected financially by this pandemic, therefore we are making it as affordable as we could to help more children LEARN safely and effectively at home.

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Only RM127 per month

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Only RM197 per month

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Want your child to have the most complete learning experience?

You may now purchase our fun learning books that were exclusively designed for our High 10 students to help your child learn better.
This is available at an additional charge which will include delivery to a West Malaysia address.

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